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We Have Years Of Experience in Helping home owners with trees!

4Point Tree Service provides reliable tree services for owners of homes and businesses in Holland, OH and the surrounding areas. With 15 years of experience, no job can be too tough for us. We use the newest and best tools and equipment in all work we do. No matter the size of your project, we’re equipped to deliver quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. We are licensed and insured for your peace of mind.
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Elevating Tree Care to New Heights

Optimize the ecological balance of your surroundings with featuring a sophisticated blend of cutting-edge techniques in tree surgery, pest control, and root zone management to elevate the overall health and longevity of your green infrastructure.

Rely on our avant-garde arborists for 24-hour tree removal service, employing advanced rigging and crane operations to swiftly and safely eliminate any arboreal obstacle, ensuring uninterrupted safety and aesthetics.

Harness the expertise of our arborists in stump grinding, utilizing innovative techniques like stump shaving and mulching to expedite the elimination process, leaving your landscape smooth and revitalized.

Unleash the potential of your business premises with our Commercial Tree Service, featuring cutting-edge root collar excavation and bio-stimulant applications, harmonizing advanced arboriculture to fortify the resilience and health of your commercial tree inventory.

Transform your vacant land into a pristine canvas with our Lot Clearing service, employing advanced land-clearing equipment, such as mulchers and forestry mowers, for efficient vegetation removal and site preparation.

Ignite your ambiance with our Firewood Sales service, delivering premium, seasoned hardwoods meticulously processed with advanced chainsaw techniques, ensuring a high-energy and long-lasting burn.

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